Why Direct Marketing?

When it comes to marketing, there are two routes a company can follow.  1) They use mass or indirect marketing and try to reach as many potential customers at one time or 2) they use direct marketing in order to reach a smaller, more qualified percentage of customers.  While forms of mass marketing like billboards, radio ads, commercials and newspapers may sell products, they do not build lifelong customers. Through our face-to-face direct marketing approach, we contribute a personal aspect that mass marketing cannot and form relationships that create long-term customers rather than impulse buyers.

Why outsourcing?

It’s simple. You should do what you do best and hire others to do what they do best. You may struggle, like most, at acquiring new customers to your brand, but at Pacific Edge Consulting, that is our niche. We become the smile and the handshake behind your name and work face to face with your clients through customized, product specific presentations. Capitalize on efficiency and rest assured that we guarantee 100% ROI and results in the form of new customers quarter after quarter.

Why should a client choose Pacific Edge Consulting?

A client would choose Pacific Edge Consulting because we are experts in face to face marketing and consulting. We pride ourselves on offering our clients a 100% return on their investment and substantial increases to their bottom line and market share ratios. No longer do our clients have to rely on outdated methods like telemarketing and direct mail when Pacific Edge Consulting will represent them with a smile and a handshake.

The economy is a mess! Are you really hiring?

Yes! As the multi-billion dollar clients and products we represent expand nationally, the demand for more direct sales and marketing offices increases.  Due to the fact that our company only promotes from within we are always keeping our eyes open for qualified candidates. Just like a sports team, we don’t want to miss our next Michael Jordan! With our client asking for expansion into an additional 2 market next year, it is imperative that we hire new talent. So growth, despite the state of the economy, is prevalent in our business.

How soon can someone move into management?

Our company is a performance based environment so the answer to that question is how soon are you ready to be in management? Rather than being based off of seniority or tenure, promotions in our company are based off of ambition, perseverance and work ethic! We have seen people move into management in less than a year and have seen it take up to three but the median timeframe is 12-18 months. This is a small fraction of the time it takes in most seniority-based companies where growth is restricted. This performance based business provides our team with a direct career path without waiting for the guy in front of them to retire!